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The Countryside Code

The countryside is a fragile place which every visitor should respect.

Everyone visiting the countryside has a responsibility to minimise the impact of their visit so that other people can enjoy the same peaceful landscapes and it does not take much effort.

Below is an expanded version of the revised Countryside Code of 2004 under the logo of “Respect, Protect and Enjoy”.

  • Be safe
  • Leave all gates as you found them
  • Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  • Take your litter home. Litter is not only ugly, but can be harmful to wildlife. Small mammals often become trapped in discarded cans and bottles. Many walkers think that orange peel and banana skins do not count as litter. Even biodegradable foodstuffs attract common scavenging species such as crows and gulls to the detriment of the less dominant species.
  • Keep your dog under control. Across farmland dogs should be kept on a lead. During lambing time, they should not be taken with you at all as even a dog on a lead is liable to disturb a pregnant ewe.
  • Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work
  • Guard against all risk of fire
  • Keep to the paths across farmland. Stick to the official path across arable or farmland. Minimise erosion by not cutting corners or widening the path
  • Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls
  • Help keep all water clean
  • Take special care on country roads. Drivers often go dangerously fast on narrow winding lanes. To be safe, walk facing the on-coming traffic and carry a torch or wear highly visible clothing when it’s getting dark
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Don’t pick plants, break trees or scare wild animals
  • Make no unnecessary noise. Enjoy the peace and solitude of the countryside by staying in small groups and acting unobtrusively.